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Error messages in the aXbo Software

Generally your computer is able to find your aXbo (and thus the data transfer) only by using the USB cable with the aXbo logo on its case

If an error message appears such as "Bootloader not recognized" or "Please connect your aXbo" (software aXbo Up2date or aXbo Research) please notice as following: 

Assure that only one of the two software programs is running, because both are using the same USB driver. In case that both - the software aXbo research and aXbo Up2date - are running same time on your computer, none of the two programs is working. 

It is important to install the newest software
More information you will find here

The easiest way to find out if your plugged aXbo has been found is to start aXbo Research by clicking "aXbo | Show SW/HW/firmware". 

Error message: 

Correct message (case example): 


At the software aXbo Up2date you can recognize that your aXbo was detected when the serial number, firmware and hardware appear in the lower area. 

Not detected: 


Once you click the "Update" button, a message appears according to the status of detection: 


...or the info that your aXbo already has the latest firmware: 


...or the update process is starting up: 


If you still have troubles with the recognition of your aXbo, here are a few useful tips: 


  • Check if aXbo's batteries are sufficiently charged. 
    In case that LOW BAT / CHARGE is displayed, the batteries must be charged or replaced.
  • Install each case the latest version of aXbo Up2date or aXbo Research. 
  • Restart aXbo Research and accordingly aXbo Up2date. 
  • Change the USB port on your PC or MAC. 
  • In case that the serial number of your aXbo has a lower value than 11000, you have to use the correct cable (the one with the aXbo logo on its case). 
  • Check the correct fit of the plug connections - both at aXbo and the computer. 
  • Control the correct installation of the driver: 

Control Panel / System & Safety / Hardware or Device Manager / Ports (COM & LPT) "Silicon Labs USB to UART Bridge CP210x (COM X)

No error message may appear. 

Set the COM port to the lowest possible value:

Silicon Labs CP210x / Right mouse button - Properties / Connection Settings / Advanced... / COM port number. 

A high COM port for the USB driver could cause problems under certain circumstances for simmulation of the serial interface. 

  • Restart the computer. 
  • If aXbo is recognized, however, a problem exists when you upgrade, the firewall (computer or router) might cause this problem. 

In that case, we recommend to configure the firewall or to disable for the period of the updates. 

  • If none of these approaches to solving a problem can help, we recommend to try on another computer. 


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