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Error message on MAC

Generally, most of the bullet points in the article "Error message in the aXbo Software" are valid for the MAC as well.

Instructions for installing the software aXbo Research and the driver can be found in our software-center. More» 

You are able to install the software aXbo Up2date to your Mac with OS X 10.x, if you run a Windows operating system with Boot Camp in combination with Parallels or VMware Fusion on your MAC. 

The built-in utility "Boot Camp" can be installed on every new MAC which enables to run Windows as its typical speed. The installing process is simple, and the Mac files are completely safe. After installing Boot Camp you can start your Mac with either OS X or Windows.

Further information you can find at the Apple Support

In case that aXbo is not recognized with the supplied drivers, you will find here the latest COM port drivers from Silicon Labs: 

Since OS X 10.8 or higher "Gatekeeper" has to be deactivated in order to allow the installation of a "foreign" software: Gatekeeper / General / Allow programs from the following sources: No restrictions. 

After installing the aXbo software successfully, the former Gatekeeper-settings can be reactivated: Gatekeeper / General / Allow programs from the following sources: Mac App Store and certified developer. 

Status on 25/06/2014:
For the MAC operating system OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) we are not able to give any support.
Justification: Since September 2013 Apple does not support further upgrades (security updates, etc.) for Snow Leopard. Apple's recommendation is to install the newest MAC OS X operating system. 


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