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Quality claims

We say YES to sustainability 

We guarantee a long life time for your aXbo

  • Highest product quality 
  • Guaranteed spare parts availability 
  • Repairable models 

aXbo's mechanical and electronic design has no scheduled vulnerabilities. 

A clear statement from our side to planned obsolescences (purposely built weaknesses): 

aXbo uses only high-quality components from leading manufacturers. 

aXbo is "Made in Austrian and Hungarian" companies. 

aXbo's life time is designed for at least 8 years.

However, should a component early give up it's spirit, we offer a cost effective replacement of all components or boards. 

Various repairs can be done by yourself. Some of the "service components" can be replaced without electronic skills, f.e. the board for the scroll wheel button. 

The replacement of some components requires appropriate soldering skills, f.e. the exchange of the back-/home-button. 

The entire aXbo can be disassembled with a "Torx 6" screwdriver. 

You can find more about the repair instructions in the category Service & Repair parts

Service parts are available at this store:


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