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USB cable test

If you suspect that your USB cable has a malfunction, here are some instructions how you can test the cable yourself. 


Testing the data transmission 
The USB cable as a connector between your aXbo and your computer enables the following features: 


Software aXbo Up2date 

  • Firmware upgrade for your aXbo using the free software aXbo Up2date 
  • Reading various data (serial number, firmware version, hardware version) 


Software aXbo Research 

  • Transfer the recorded motion data to the free software aXbo Research (to get an idea about your nocturnal activities) 
  • Uploading new sound packages 
  • Synchronizing time & date with your computer 
  • Reading various data (serial number, hardware version, firmware version, calibration value for the quartz) 

If one of these data transfers works, this part (data-transfer) of your cable is ok. 

Assure that only one of the two software programs is open, because both are using the same USB driver. 

In case that both - the software aXbo research and aXbo Up2date - are running same time on your computer, none of the two programs is working. 


Testing the charging circuit 
For testing the charging circuit a meter is required. The following measured values (from serial number 11000) affirm a proper working All-In-One USB cable: 

In case of having a "pure-power-cable" merely the value of ~ 5V is relevant. 

In case of a plugged USB cable (power supply), the batteries should be charged pulsating. To check this, the charge voltage has to be measured.
For that fix one of the two measuring tips on the side of the upper battery's holder on negative pole (right) and one on the side of the lower battery's holder on the positive pole (also right). 

Depending on the current battery charging voltage status, an increased charging voltage for about 4 seconds should be displayed, followed by a brief wanted intrusion showing the current charging voltage status. This sequence should be repeated in a loop. 

If this pulsating charging can be measured, it can be assumed that a) your USB cable is ok concerning charging and b) the charging circuit (electronic parts) of your aXbo is working properly. 


"TB test" 
Next, we ask you to remove the left battery. When the display shows unusual display segments with a plugged USB cable (to the power supply) or weird display segments or the display is partially flashing, it looks like a defect which requires the replacement of the USB cable. 


Operate aXbo without batteries 
Since the firmware version V200 aXbo can be operated even without batteries, too. Maybe age-related defective batteries can cause problems during operation > no batteries are not able to cause problems ... only a blackout could now jeopardize to wake you up just in time. 


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