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Display can not be activated

In case that the display of your aXbo can not be activated when in battery mode (Back button), this could be caused by: 

  • Back button is defective (-> send us your aXbo or solder a new button yourself; see category: Service & Repair parts) 
  • Batteries are defective or batteries are not charged or batteries are deeply-discharged (see article: batteries last only for a short time) 
  • Display has a malfunction (see section: Display & Light) 
  • Charging the batteries will not work (USB cable or charging circuit malfunction; see article: charging the batteries) 

Check the following bullet points with a plugged USB cable: 

  • Does the display work? (> display is ok) 
  • Does the Back button work in the menu? (> Back button is ok) 

In case of doubt, we ask you to submit a request. 

Accessories and service parts you can purchase in the following store: 


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