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aXbo doesn't wake up gently

Your aXbo doesn't wake you optimal or rather at the latest possible alarm time? 

The following issues might cause the problem: 

  • Sensor not activated. See article "Activate / deactivate sensor/s". 

  • Display shows "LOW BAT - CHARGE" (power saving mode) - in this mode, the radio reception is disabled and there's no sleep phase detection (-> plug in power supply). 

  • Using the wrong sensor (f.e. accidentally, the sensor of the person 2 is used by person 1?). 

  • aXbo couldn't find an almost awake moment within the last 30 minutes before the set alarm time (Tip: monitor your sleep a few days and get a view on your movements at the computer using the software aXbo Research; see category "Software & Sounds"). 

  • aXbo is new: Give your aXbo a few days in order to be able to learn about your individual sleep behavior. 

  • The alarm volume is set too low. Please put the sound volume on level 9 (P1 / 2 SET> Sounds> SD * A * SET: confirm wakeup Sound> SD * V * SET: setting alarm volume). 


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