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Charging batteries

The 3 aXbo batteries should be charged using the included USB cable and power adapter. 

To use your computer instead of the power supply will charge your aXbo more slowly. 

There are 2 kinds of USB cables for aXbo: 

  1. The "All-In-One" USB cable for charging via power supply and for data transfer to and from the computer (aXbo logo*) 
  2. A pure USB cable only for charging via power supply 

* ... before the serial number 11000 there was a "pure-data-cable" also with an aXbo logo - in this case an additional charging cable was enclosed. 

There might be several reasons when the charging of the batteries does not work:

  • Batteries are broken (see article "batteries last only for a short time") 
  • USB cable is broken (replace) 
  • USB cable is not plugged in (see illustration) 

  • Power supply is broken (any other USB power supply can be used for charging) 
  • USB socket in aXbo is broken (board replacement; you can replace the USB socket yourself - see "Service & Repair parts") 
  • Charging circuit on board is broken (board replacement; submit a request) 

A new cable can be purchased in the following store:

Service parts are available at this store:


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