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Sensor does not work

If your sensor does not interact with your aXbo, the following issues might cause the problem: 

  • Sensor/s are NOT activated 
  • aXbo is running in the LOW BAT / CHARGE mode (in this case aXbo's radio reception is deactivated) 
  • Alarm time not set (Note: In battery mode the radio reception is enabled just 11 hours before the set alarm time; except when one aXbo button has been pushed - here the radio reception remains at least for the next 24 hours). 
  • Sensor battery is empty (battery replacement; possible to replace yourself). 
  • Sensor button is broken (sensor replacement; possible to replace the button yourself). 
  • aXbo's radio receiver is defective (check: does the other sensor work?) (exchange board) 

If the problems can not be solved in spite of this list, please submit a request. 


A sensor battery replacement can be purchased in the following store: 

...or in the stores of other countries as you can find here: 

Service parts are available at this store: 


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