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Sensor battery exchange

The sensor battery life time depends on your nocturnal movement activities. 

The standard life time of the battery is 4 years.  

The reason for this longevity lies in the extremely low power consumption of the sensor electronics, thanks to the purely mechanical motion sensor. 

The sensor batteries have a very low self-discharge effect (~ 0.5% per year), so even when the sensor was not in use for a long time, it can be used without any problem if the sensor has been deactivated. 

There are 2 ways to replace the battery in your sensor: 

  1. Sensor battery exchange at our shop (single or pairwise)
  2. To solder the battery yourself



1. The sensor battery exchange works as follows: 

  • You share the serial number of your sensor/aXbo with us via e-mail. 
  • You send us your sensor / your sensors. 
  • Once your sensors arrived, we will sent you already refurbished sensors with a new battery. 

The exchange will take place on a rolling basis:
Your sensor is collected and sent in bulk with other sensors to our manufacturer. There the electronic components will be checked, a new battery soldered and a quality check occurs. The board of course gets new sensor cases. 

Then the sensor comes back in the circulation as a refurbished one. You will get the refurbished board of another aXbo user. 

The advantage lies in a quality control of the individual components, so that the heart of your aXbo - the sensor - can again perform his job for some more years, trusting just as before. 

And of course your refurbished sensor obtains the usual warranty claim. 

The sensor battery replacement can be purchased in the following store: 

...or in the stores of other countries as you can find here: 


2. Solder the battery yourself 

You can also solder a new sensor battery yourself.

Service parts are available at this store: 


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