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Activate / deactivate sensor/s

The aXbo sensors are deactivated at delivery. 

When starting your aXbo you have to turn on / activate the sensor/s as follows: 

  • Charge your aXbo 
  • Set alarm time 
  • Push the sensor button for 5 seconds 

Then on the aXbo display SENSOR1 ON (or SENSOR2 ON) appears. Thus, the sensor is activated and ready for use. 

From now on every single movement should be shown with the appropriate icon at the bottom of the display for at least four seconds (left: P1; right: P2), and upon pushing the sensor buttons aXbo's light will be on for 10 sec (see illustrations). 


The sensor must not be switched off and on again every day. When not in use, it's best to place the wristband/sensor as shown in the picture: 


In case that your sensor still does not interact with your aXbo, you can find any reasons for this in the article "sensor not working". 


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