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Sensor logs on as a wrong person

In case that your sensor logs on as a wrong person at your aXbo (means as P2 instead of the information on the sensor sticker as P1 or vice versa), there are 2 options: 

  1. Assuming that you use your aXbo in single mode, one possibility would be to use the alarm settings of the other person. 
  2. You return your sensor with a short notice via email to those shop where you bought your aXbo and you will get a new sensor. 

This error occurs rarely. 

The reason why in extremely rare cases the sensor registeres as the wrong person is a misplaced resistore on the sensor board (robot malfunction). 

Due to a new tester this error should not occur again. 

With appropriate soldering skills, the position of this resistore could be changed (see picture). 


With regard to the further procedure, we ask you to submit a request. 


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