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Sounds are not working correctly

If the sounds do not work anymore, the following issues might cause the problem: 

  • The speaker cable is not (no longer) correctly plugged - f.e. because aXbo has fallen from the bedside table (action: open Cover and connect speaker cable; see Service & Repair parts / Change loudspeaker). 

  • The firmware has been crashed (reset; see General / Reset your aXbo). 

  • The sound file is "crashed" (action: by means of the software aXbo Research re-upload the original sound package; see category Software & Sounds / Sounds / Original alarms & new sounds). 

  • The speaker is broken (action: new speaker; within the warranty period this is replaced free of charge). 


In a warranty or blur we ask you to submit a request. 

More information you can find at the category "Software & Sounds". 


The following questions are to be clarified in advance: 

  • Did the sounds work before? 
  • Which sound does not work (waking up, chill-out, the latest possible alarm)? 
  • Are the wake up sounds when choosing from the menu? 


Service components are available at this store: 


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