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Firmware downgrade

By doing an upgrade to the firmware V208MS at aXbos till the serial number X0050589 (HW-V10), the function PowerNap is replaced by the function iSnooze.

In case that you would like to get back the function PowerNap instead of the function iSnooze, it is possible to get a downgrade to the firmware V200.  

Please open a ticket , tell us your serial-number (8 digits) and your wish for an downgrade. We will place the serial-number of your aXbo manually into our systems and reply to you as soon as it happened.

From that on, the software aXbo up2date will do an downgrade as soon as you will conncet your aXbo with your computer by clicking “Update”.

Notification: It is only possible to get 1 change back to PowerNap, another try to upgrade and downgrade will not be possible.

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