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The additional features

 1 aXbo for 2 people. 
With aXbo 2 people can be woken up independently of each other. 

2 wrist bands - 2 sensors. 
2 wake-up times. 
6 wake-up sounds. 

Just a tiny acoustic signal is enough to wake you up in your optimal wake-up phase, without disturbing your partner. 

 Weekdays *NEW* 
This feature enables you to set a different alarm time for every single day and therefor also means that you can set the alarm to OFF on certain days, e.g. at the weekend. 

 iSnooze - World premiere of an intelligent snooze feature. 
iSnooze wakes you again in your next optimal sleep phase, within the next half-hour. 

 Variable wake-up time window. *NEW* 
With this feature you can choose between either a 30 or 15 minute window. 

 Pleasant wake-up sounds. 
Specially developed wake-up sounds taken from Nature (e.g. birdsong) enable you to wake up gently. 
6 wake-up sounds (preview). 

 Chill-out/falling asleep aid - copied from Nature. 
Pleasant sounds which help you to relax (e.g. the sound of the sea) fade out automatically as soon as you have fallen asleep. 
3 chill-out sounds (preview). 

New sounds can be uploaded at any time. 


 Power Nap - refuel your energy during the day. 
Even after just a short afternoon nap you can wake up at the optimal time. 

 LCD slumber mode. 
When you sleep, the display is sleeping as well. By clicking on the sensor button the light is on for 10 seconds. 

 abo Up2date to upload new aXbo-features. 
With this free software and the supplied USB-cable you can upload new features to your aXbo. 

 aXbo Research - "The little sleep-laboratory".
The aXbo research software allows you to evaluate and understand your sleep behaviour on your computer.

 aXbo Research - "Open Source" *NEW* 
Developer can find an "open" version of aXbo Research to be able to program new data analysis features, other designs or a connection to "3rd party devices". More» 


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