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The main function "ideal wake up"

The new way to wake up 

aXbo gently wakes you and your bed partner within 30 minutes of your set waking time. 


Pioneering technology 

Have you ever asked yourself why you are so tired, even though you've actually had plenty of sleep? 

Science knows exactly why! 

Everybody goes through several cycles in the night, constantly alternating between deep and not so deep sleep phases. 

Scientific studies have proved that the sleep phase from which we are woken has a direct effect on how good we feel when we wake up. 

This is what lies behind the revolutionary concept of the aXbo. 

Directly before and after the dream phase, in the so-called almost-awake moments, there is an accumulation of movements. 

After REM Phase human being usually turns to the other side. 

Often this moment is accompanied by a short waking moment - some people remember that in the morning, some don't. 

These are also those moments where you possibly remember your dreams! 

Thus aXbo also increases the likelihood that you are able to remember your dreams. 


aXbo wakes you at the right moment. 

For the first time the discoveries made by sleep researchers have been put to use in a product that is attractive and easy to use. 

Your optimal waking time depends on your individual biorhythm. aXbo finds it by means of a sensor integrated into a comfortable wristband. 


This identifies the sleep phases according to your body movements and determines your optimal waking time within 30 minutes prior to the pre-set alarm time. 


Being woken gently at the right moment... 

The results are easy to see: 

» Get up easily 
» Greater feeling of well-being 
» More power 

» Full productivity 
» Higher level of concentration 
» Less fatigue 

..."impossible to over-sleep!" 


Do I have to get up immediately when I hear the gentle aXbo sounds? 

Yes, according to perception of the alarm melody, it is important to get up immediately, otherwise it is possible to fall asleep again. The positive effect of the sleep phase awakening would be lost. 

The reason is that the transition from one sleep stage to the next occurs within a few seconds (even if the consolidation in the next sleep phase takes a little longer). 

aXbo precisely detects this movement intensive, short almost awake moments and wakes exactly at this stage. 


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