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Why looking at sleep more closely is so important for our well-being:

One of the main functions of sleep is to repair "minor ailments" and to bring the immune system back on its feet. 

Likewise physical regeneration takes place at night. 

As far as the psyche is concerned, everything which we have “experienced” or “learned” during the day is transferred in certain phases to that part of the memory which can remember these things longer. 

In doing so our "working memory" (the hippocampus) is emptied so that we can "think straight" again the next day. 

Depending on the amount of deep sleep consumed, special messenger substances try to maintain the size of the hippocampus which otherwise tends to shrink. 

Under optimal conditions the human memory can even be expanded ... resulting in increased memory capacity. 

This requires sufficient high quality sleep. 

The above-mentioned body processes, which are mostly concurrent, are extremely complicated and are controlled subconsciously by our brain. 

Our brain itself works with very low brain waves, which unfortunately can be very easily disturbed by electromagnetic pollution. 

If the brain activity is negatively affected by even just one source of disturbance during sleep, this can lead to tiredness, lack of concentration, lack of motivation, depression, migraine and even burnout. It can also cause problems for the regeneration of our immune system.

The worst effects arise from a combination of disturbing factors and lack of sleep. 

For this reason it is important to attach enough priority in your life to the whole topic of sleep. 

Ideal sleeping conditions, sufficient sleep and an optimal means of waking up are the beginning of a positive cycle! 


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