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Improvements Technology & Usability

Enclosed please find the list of revisions + renewals of our current aXbo models (as of April 20, 2015): 


  • Alarm activation/ eactivation with 1 button click 
  • Alarm setting with 1 button click
  • 5-minute leaps for a quick alarm set 
  • Gentle sound at the beginning of the latest possible alarm time (thereafter changes to a real alarm)
  • Improved wake-up algorithm 
  • Sleep detection - short gesture let the chill-out sound fade in again - in case that the sound stops even though you didn't fall asleep
  • XL wristband as an accessory 
  • Silent motion sensors
  • Sensor button easier to opperate 
  • Higher quality encoder for the scroll wheel
  • Sensor battery optional as a service part (change yourself) 
  • Service parts for various "do it yourself" repairs
  • Improved charging circuit + more efficient power management for longer durability of batteries 
  • New batteries with minimal self-discharge effect
  • New software for the graphic illustration of your movements 


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