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USB cable

The All-In-One USB cable is used both for charging and for the operation as well as for the data transfer from and to the computer. 


Via USB cable and computer the batteries are charged very slowly because of the computer USB port provides insufficient power. 

Before serial number 11.000 aXbo came with 2 different cables - 1 data cable (aXbo-Logo) and 1 power cable. 


aXbo offers 2 free software packages the USB cable can be used for: 

  • aXbo Research ("the little sleep-laboratory") 
  • aXbo Up2date (firmware upgrade for new features) 



The electronics of the USB cable 

The USB cable includes a small board in the case. This board contains the USB controller and some other electronic parts that detects whether the cable is plugged into the computer or into the power adapter. 

The USB controller simmulates a serial port on the computer. For it a COM-port is assigned at the PC. 

It is important that the USB cable is properly inserted in the socket, as shown in the figure. 


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