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Sleep cycles & the hypnogram

Everybody goes through several cycles in the night, constantly alternating between deep and dream phases (REM). 

Each cycle lasts about 90 minutes. 

If you will be woken up from a wrong sleep phase, you feel dizzy/whacked. 
The science is even talking about conditions which can be compared with an alcohol level of about 0.8 per mill. 

However, when you wake up by yourself, you feel fresh and awake. 

The different stages of sleep are associated with different patterns of movement. 

The deep sleep and dream sleep is characterized by an approximate value of none movements. 

Directly before and after the dream phase, in the so-called almost-awake moments, there is an accumulation of movements. 

This movement pattern uses aXbo to wake up within a wake up time window of 30 minutes in order to wake from an optimal sleep phase. 


How can you be awakened? 

Easily with aXbo to your optimal waking time (according graphic 6:20 e.g.) 


Extremely unfavorable to the pre-set alarm time with a traditional alarm-clock (according graphic 6:30 e.g.) 


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