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Sleep problems & sleep disorders

Sleep problems 

The reasons for sleep problems may be manifold. In the field of sleep hygiene and regeneration, we have tried to give a little insight into the world of the possible factors for sleep problems. 

aXbo is not able to heal sleep disturbance. 

aXbo enables to get up easily in the morning, having a greater feeling of well-being and to reduce fatigue. 


Sleep disorders 

The sleep medicine knows about 90 different sleep disorders, splitted into mental and physical suffering. 

Officially about 25% of the population suffer of sleep disorders. According to various sources, however it is estimated the number of unreported cases is already double up. 

Especially in the European area sleep problems continuesly seem to be a taboo subject - prevails in Anglo-American countries people have a much lower inhibitions to talk about. 


aXbo's records as an indicator of sleep 

The movement data during the night could be used, among other things, to get a sense of how much you move during the night. 

It should be noted at this point that only with actigraphy (motion measurement on the wrist, f.e.) it is NOT possible to score precise statements about the individual stages of sleep. Solely the polysomnography in the sleep laboratory is able to score every specified stages of sleep (maybe mobile devices achieve similar values). 

With measurements of movements on the wrist aXbo is only able - however scientifically proven - to filter out the relevant sleep stages (almost awake moments) for an optimal wake up process. 


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