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Scope of delivery

Each aXbo comes with 2 wristbands (Large + Small).
The sensors are placed in the terry wristbands.



Comfortable daily use

From the very beginning we have done our best to make sure that the daily use of aXbo is as simple as possible. 

The result cound not be more simple:

» Pull the wristband on in the evening
» Take the wristgand off in the morning 

Wearing comfort - use of skin-friendly materials

» Very high level of wearing comfort thanks to towelling material 

Wristband sizes

In total there are 5 different wristband sizes.

As an accessory there are X-Large bands (for "big-armed"), as well as X-Small & XX-Small wrists (for tender arms or for children).


The size of the right wristband can be found out using the following list:


On which arm the wristband is worn?

The terry cloth wristbands are worn on the non-dominant arm.

For right-handers the non-dominant arm is the left arm.
For left-handers the non-dominant arm is the right arm. 


80% cotton, 10% spandex, 10% nylon
The wristbands can be machine washed at 30°C. 

If a wristband is too small, it can be both stretched in a dry condition and dry it in a stretched condition.


Sophisticated sensor technology

The sensor inside the wristband has to be activated once. Modern technology does all the rest! 

During the day - when not in use - the wristbands should be placed as on the picture. The reason lies in the technical structure of the tilt sensors. 


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