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Scope of delivery

aXbo Couple is delivered with 2 sensors (P1 + P2).
aXbo Single is delivered with 1 sensor (P1).


The sensors are placed in the terry wristbands.


Upgrade possibilities

aXbo is able to handle the movements of 2 people at the same time.
An aXbo Single can be upgraded to an aXbo Couple easily by purchasing a second sensor for Person 2. 

Undisturbed sleep

A minimum of electric smog during your sleep was one of our chief concerns whilst developing aXbo.

You will be convinced by the results:

» Transmission power 0.0001 W
(Compared transmission power of a mobile: ~ 1.0 W)

» Data transmission per night ~5 sec. 
(0.01 sec. per movement sequence. With an average of 500 movement sequences results the short total transmission time per night)

Thanks to a sophisticated circuit and the purely mechanical tilt sensors, the data per se only transmit when movements happen.

Thanks to an intelligent system and the low transmission power the sensor battery lasts about 4 years.


Technical data

Size, weight: 57x34x10 mm, 16g
Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz 

Remote control - simply on your wrist

You can use the sensor button as a remote control for the following functions: 


Sophisticated technology

The sensor inside the wristband only has to be activated once. Modern technology does all the rest! 

During the day - when not in use - the wristbands should be placed as on the picture. The reason lies in the technical structure of the tilt sensors. 


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