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Many people fall asleep on the couch while watching television...and then sleep there all night. 

There are a variety of reasons why it is healthier to sleep in your bed than on the couch.
Darker environment, lower room temperature, a better mattress, reduced noise, minimized electromagnetic smog, etc.
All of these and other rules are summarized under the generic title "sleep hygiene". More»

Precisely for these reasons we have developed a special app - that makes no more or less than - to help that the subject "Optimal Sleep & Waking Up" is given a higher priority. 

The app "aXbo Sofa Alarm" prevents you from falling asleep on the couch or sleeping there all night. 

Just set an individual alarm time for the desired days and choose a sound which you like. 



The pleasant wake-up sounds slowly start to play. There is also the option that the sounds change into an unmistakable alarm tone after 30 seconds.

We wish you a pleasant bed rest. 


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