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Why is it so important that you sleep in your bed? 

There are a variety of reasons why it is healthier to sleep in your bed than on the couch. Darker environment, lower room temperature, a better mattress, reduced noise, minimized electromagnetic smog, etc. All of these and other rules are summarized under the generic title "sleep hygiene". More»


Why can the alarm time only be set in 15-minute intervals? 

The ¼-hour intervals means it is very easy to set the alarm times without having to set the hours and the minutes separately. It is therefore possible to show all the days of the week on a single page so you have a good overview of the whole week. In the end it doesn’t really matter if you want to be reminded to go to bed at 11.00 pm or 11.05 pm! 


What is the difference between the respective Sounds and Sound + Alarm? 

If you choose “Sounds”, a 30-second loop will be played, in comparison to “Sound + Alarm” where, after 30 seconds, the sound is followed by a more audible alarm signal. 


Why are the sound loops not repeated? 

The reason why the sounds do not play longer is that your mobile phone may not be beside you at the time of reminding, or that you have already gone to bed and do not want to disturb anyone else with a longer sound loop. 


Why do you have to set the alarm time from Sunday to Thursday for a classic 5-day working week? 

On Sunday you will be reminded to go to bed at the right time in order to be fit on Monday morning. 

If you can sleep longer on Saturday, for example, then you do not necessarily need to be reminded to go to bed “early” on Friday. 


Will I be reminded when the app is not running in the background?

Yes, the app aXbo sofa alarm is programmed so that it will also remind you when the app is not running in the background. 


How can I disable the aXbo Sofa Alarm app? 

In the upper right area there is a main switch which disables all the days of the week. If switched on again, the former settings will reappear. 


Will the alarms times remain active for each day when I turn the sound off? 

Yes, even if you switch the sound off for today, you will still be reminded on the same weekday in the following week. 


Will the "Sofa Alarm" wake me up in a specific sleep phase? 

The Sofa Alarm app works like a classical alarm clock. It would not make sense to implement a sleep phase detection feature just for this “sofa purpose”. 


How can I turn the sound off? 


As soon as the alarm sounds, a message* also automatically appears on the screen of your mobile phone. You can disable the sound with a sideways swipe. Also you can disable the sound simply by switching off your mobile phone. 

iOS 8 + 9 

* .... provided that the settings are adjusted as following: 

Settings / Notifications / Sofa Alarm: 

Allow Notifications: ON 

Show in Notification Center: 1 Recent Item (or more) 

Sounds: ON 

Badge App Icon: ON 

Show on Lock Screen: ON 

Alert style when unlocked: Banners or Alerts 

If the settings are not adjusted correctly in the notifications, then you have to open the app in order to turn the sound off. 


iOS 7 

*…provided that the settings in the notifications are adjusted as following: 

- Settings / Messages / Access to lock screen / Message view: ON 

- Settings / Announcements / Ads / Sofa Alarm: Banner or notes 



By switching on the phone/unlocking and pulling down the notification bar. 

Requirement for it are the following settings: 

Settings / Application manager (Apps) / Sofa Alarm: Show notifications (is standard). 

If the settings are not adjusted correctly in the notifications, no sound will ring out. 


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