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Batteries last only for a short time

Once fully charged the 3 aXbo batteries normally last between 8 and 10 days. 

Here are some examples of possible reasons why this duration gets shorter: 

  • using the feature chill-out 
  • using the feature iSnooze 
  • longer use of the light because of additional settings 
  • a battery has jumped out of its battery holder (transport e.g.) 
  • aXbo has not been used for a longer period (deeply-discharged batteries) 
  • Batteries are exhausted or damaged due to age 

There could also be a problem with the charging circuit or the USB cable. You can find out more in the article "Charging the batteries". 


In case that the batteries are causing the problem, here are some options:

  1. change the batteries (see below) 
  2. adjust the battery (just push back into the battery holder)
  3. try to charge possible deep-discharged batteries in an external charger (for Ni-MH batteries) 

The aXbo batteries can be easily replaced by yourself. See the corresponding video in the video instruction (German language). 

You need 3 pc. rechargeable AAA Ni-MH batteries 1.2V. The more mAh the batteries have, the longer the batteries will last with a charge. 

The original aXbo batteries have 800mAh, are equipped with the technology HR03, which ensures a very low self-discharge when not in use. 

The intelligent charging circuit of your aXbo is designed for a few battery models because each battery model has its own charge / discharge curve. 
Thus it could be that other batteries than the original ones last little bis shorter with one charging. 

Original aXbo batteries can be purchased at the aXbo store: 

Security Note: 

Never use conventional, non-rechargeable batteries for your aXbo! 


This is how you open up the cover and mount it again: 

Our newest rechargeable batteries have a very hard PVC cover. 

In the past aXbo batteries had a metal cover that could be injured in case of improper insertion caused by the battery holder.
Thus, a short-circuit itself could result, which shortens the duration of the batteries. 

When inserting batteries with metal casing, make sure not to injur the cover. In case of a damaged metal cover, a sticky tape (Tesa e.g.) will help. 

Or you can rotate the battery for 1/4 turn (best with a rubber) that due to the damage of the cover doesn't cause a short circuit with the battery holder. 


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